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ORMIX Master 1 ORMIX Master 1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I dislike the sounds used, all of them. The beginning could definitely use some better instrumentation, it would help a lot with -mixing- (not mastering). What sounds you use are as important as how you use them. The kick is way too loud and overbearing, it doesn't fit at all. I feel like a broken record telling people to learn about compressing limiting sidechaining and the like. It's very important. The clap is absolutely tacky and doesn't fit at all. I'm disliking the ride and the hatline, it's just too stale. I offbeat saw bass as a nice filter envelope, probably the best thing in the tune thus far. Again, a bit too stale, There's a lot you can do with such a sound, don't limit yourself.

Songs that are bound to repitition (like this one) needs some sort of hook. I know this is just a WIP, but nothing is catchy. You have to throw in some creative effects, -something- to grab attention... even for a WIP. No one's gonna come back to something that plays the same four notes over and over.

A good effort though, keep on keepin on and you'll get the hang of it. Happy producing. ;D

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ORMIX responds:

thanks very much for the critical response. though it looks like I am responding myself a bit late XD

Wild ARMs Intro [Orchestral] Wild ARMs Intro [Orchestral]

Rated 3 / 5 stars

You took a midi and replaced the sounds

So my suggestion would be to start from scratch and actually add your own touch to it. It's much more satisfying that way. 5 stars for source material, and one star for effort (ie not much). Wild ARMs was GREAT game though.

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DJWesker responds:

So, by your logic, the person who uploaded the verbatim opening should have less of a rating than I do. Alas, that's the internet.

Sorry you feel that way. If you don't like my methods, then maybe my music isn't for you.

Goukisan - Betrayal of Fear Goukisan - Betrayal of Fear

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

On the production side of things...

it's pretty clear you have -no- idea what you're doing. I'm harsh, because you've had a long streak of songs that sound -the same-, production-wise. IMO you're letting all these overly exaggerated positive reviews cloud what you could be as an actual music producer.

This is music I'd imagine from a beginner who knows a little bit about harmony, but a person who's been release for years? Not at all. All I can suggest right now is to actually look up some production techniques, tweak and master them to make your music actually sound pleasant.

fanboys: How do you really enjoy this?

Lessons in Stereo 1 Lessons in Stereo 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is more of a lesson on why to use stereo effects in moderation. I mean I understand what you're doing and it serves its purpose, but as far as experimentation and production goes this would generally be a huge turn-off.

Understanding this -is- vital though, and people should learn it and make it second nature, it helps tremendously in the long-run. And for that reason, I like this. Nice job with the example and the explanation. :)

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Chronamut responds:

glad you liked it man - and yes - abuse of this nature would seriously annoy people - so it should be used sparingly - or used in a situation that makes for focus on a shape of the overall song as a whole - sort of like a spaceship - with the beat being a glowing entity in the middle - surrounded by percussion witth a ring of bass around it for example.

Thanks for the review! Check out my newer stuff for more experimentation!


[Impulse] [Impulse]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Six fo' one five, again.

Sorry in advance for anything that makes me sound like a dick, I'm not good with compliments when I critique.

For prompting people to listen with headphones/good speakers, the bass is really sub-par. The Kick is extremely flimsy, and there's really no subs to support that saw "bass." That said, this song sounds a bit muffle, it needs more high-end stuff, perhaps bring highs into the kick.

The partthat comes in at 1:25ish sounds way to empty and that lead has WAY too much reverb. the breaks sound good, although a bit preset/tacky. Synthbass at the end could be sidechained to the kick to give it more of a "housey" feel.

Mixing-wise. Your lows aren't low enough (besides your kick, too much sub, not enough punch), your highs aren't high enough, everything in-between is really conflicting with each-other. Whenever you add a sound, remember that it compromises another, you need to find where everything goes through mixing, equalizing, stereo panning, phase offsets, etc. (that's your battle).

Arrangement, not too fond of (Six four one five, said it a couple times--talking about the chord progression, google it and you'll see what I mean), it's hard to take this chord prog seriously. Maybe I'm just an asshole though.

Hope at least one thing I said helps and happy producing. :)

B0UNC3 - 5:19 random VG stuffz B0UNC3 - 5:19 random VG stuffz

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice but...

You mix good and all that. But these are just segments of unfinished songs-- anyone can write a loop or something like a one-minute piece. Arranging a -full- song is the hard part (at least in my opinion).

So I can't really give this much credit. I mean, they're all nice. But if you're just showing them off because they're all "failures," then I'm naturally just going to have to agree with you and say better luck next time. Btw, looking up theory will definitely help with arranging compositions. You should look into it. They do sound pretty nice though. :)

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Edit (Padlock Rmx, BL Edition) Edit (Padlock Rmx, BL Edition)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome stuff.

Felt like I was listening to Frog Pocket at the end there. I can hear the control that you had while making this, and that makes it all the better.

Great tune. :D

poopr1221 responds:

Thanks for the input! I'm a really big fan of Come On Primates, so it's seriously awesome to be compared to Frog Pocket.

[AL] Octagon Dance [AL] Octagon Dance

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Hi, sorry it took so long to review this.

the intro is incredible, very well-done. Has sort of an Autechre feel and I love Autechre. Not digging the bass sounds, mainly because of the reverb. In my experience its pretty hard to get away with reverby basses.

At 2:25 I just feel like that's like the "climax" and I feel muuuuch more should be going on (my opinion of course). Listen to Aphex, Squarepusher, and Flashbulb and listen to the effects they use (flangering is an incredible effect for the amen). Not just with the Amen either. I was expecting a grungy hoover-synth or something, and generally more high-end stuff. :x that's the part where you go ALL OUT and fuck theory and cookie-cutter bs, you know? just like, slice chop beatmatch timestretch automating shit you've never thought of record yourself screaming into a mic and compress the fuck out of it etc. I dunno, that's the fun part :D. Not trying to tell you how to build your song or anything, just throwing that out there really.

Lucid Bass II by The Flashbulb has some pretty neat phase/flanger effects right of the bat, listen to that song for some ideas to apply to your amen. :>

Overall this is actually really awesomely arranged. Definitely isn't expected and challenging, which is what IDM artists should strive toward. Great job Anwar! :D

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ChampionAnwar responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Honestly the bass sound had reverb already, I had a like ~3% reverb on the whole thing when mixing it down to give it the 'in the hall performing' sound. . so I guess I'll have to fix that- though I'd have to agree, I've heard very little songs that work with a reverb'd bass.

Honestly, that's the maddest I've ever gone when it comes to IDM drums at that speed (230BPM off the top of my head). I listened to that tune, and this reminds me why Benn Jourdan is so amazing. I mean though I frequent people like Venetian Snares / Squarepusher / Aphex Twin a lot more, his stuff is epiclu awesome indeed ^^. I suppose I'm just not that aggressive when it comes to sequencing drums, but I'm getting there :D! Oh and I actually remember that theory. gooood times gooooooood times hehehehehehehehe. Also- basic slicing is the pure winner in this situation, no need for envoloping (just thought I'd add that) :D!

Oh and also, I'll let you do that recording stuff first. . .I just don't want it to sound like ear rape *Cough* making orange things XD!

Thanks for the awesome advice as always Ron, it's always good to hear your opinions and pointers. It always helps greatly. I'll be tuning in a lot more :D! Oh DbX ^______^

==(Shadow People)== ==(Shadow People)==

Rated 5 / 5 stars


10/8 on the measure at 4:20.

What Drum pack did you use? Some VST like Battery or something? I must know, they sound very nice. Great job man!

Buoy responds:

Yep!! Awesome.

I used Reason Drum Kits on this track. They're good for basic rock/pop kits (I have Battery too actually, they're a bit more diverse and sound a little different). Thanks for the review!

WS - Gotchu Locked WS - Gotchu Locked

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Hiphop's about bass though, not treble. sounds like you took a mb compressor and turned the gain up on the high band all the way, and the "S's" are really piercing.

it'd be nice if mastered right but it's not even listenable as is because of the highs. Sorry.

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